5 Best Outdoor Restaurants in Hyderabad

Stop just dreaming like you are on top of the world! Make it real with Dinetonite. Dining under the stars with loving person or family is an amazing feeling ever you don’t forget. Love and happiness are involved when it comes to best outdoor restaurants in Hyderabad. Whether it is simply sipping on champagne or savouring the local cuisine, nothing can beat the experience of having dinner and being ‘high’ enough to feel is very close to the clouds and starts. If you’re planning to visit Hyderabad or living in the Hyderabad, choose your path to joy and ensure you dine out at any of these listed top 5 rooftop restaurants in Hyderabad. Relax and Read on!


Exotica restaurant in Hyderabad is the popular diner listed among the popular rooftop multi-cuisine restaurant in Hyderabad. It is located on 5th floor of the building. The elevator opens into the rooftop with water elements and starts inviting you with open hearts. The atmosphere is surrounded by shaded light and occasionally the diner air-conditioned rooms for those who want to take a break from the heat wave.

This restaurant provides Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Mughlai and more. The best part of this place is budget-friendly for weather and food.

Fusion 9

Fusion 9 is second listed in the famous outdoor restaurants in Hyderabad offering a delicious and attractive menu. Unlike typical cuisine, Calamari, Sushi, as well as world favourites such as sushi, calamari as well as world favourites Hommas, Thai cures, pasta with wood-fired and more. The specially trained chefs provide the extra zing and you can savour Caipiroska, Mimosas, and Mojitos etc. from their menu.

Olive Bistro

Olive Bistro is the best ever olive restaurant across the nation and among the best rooftop top outdoor restaurants in Hyderabad. To make the environment more romantic and pleasant, Olive Bistro is surrounded by white cobblestone staircase, which is formerly coloured by the windowsill flower beds. If you are living in the Hyderabad city and do not explore this exotic dinner, go out there and bask in the warmth of good food, wine, and lifestyle.

In this restaurant, Italian, European, and Mediterranean cuisine foods are especially available. In the evening, with sunshine with high octane nights, the city’s fashionable folklore comes to see a clear shift in the evening, when it comes to living.

Stone waters

Stone waters is a picturesque tree-lined outdoor bar located in the Jubilee Hills, near to the KBR Park. This open terrace restaurant and bar serves Asian, North Indian, and Continental foods. Interestingly, they play Live Music with melodious and lovely composition. I am surely saying that it is the best weekend hangout place for people from all styles of life. Let’s go and Witness the fun.

Pasta Bar Veneto

Apart from their amazing menu in Pasta Bar Veneto, they show their overlooking lovely wondering areas in Jubilee Hills. The open space creates a different mood and sliding rain on the walls with completely peaceful and romantic feel! The deserts should blink the mind and must try on their mud. Cocktails and Hookah are also some other options at hand to have fun and joy. The food was spicy, soup is fresh and tasty.

So those were the best five outdoors restaurants in Hyderabad. I am suggesting these restaurants from Dinetonite because I personally tasted the food and experienced the environment. So can I know where are you heading this Friday night? Do share your experience with us!

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