5 Most Delicious Dishes to Dine at Best Restaurants in Hyderabad

Biryani and kebabs are the favourites for everyone in Hyderabad. Especially, food lovers won’t lose the chance to eat these items. Some best restaurants in Hyderabad here serve absolutely delicious and unique dishes to feel it like Elixir. Look at these delicious foods and taste all in well popular restaurants in Hyderabad. After tasting these dishes, you just say Awww…!

Dish Name: KaccheGosht Ki Biryani

Hyderabad is famous for meat delicacies and the ‘KaccheGosht Ki Biryani’. This dish will tempt the people even they are not mutton lovers. We have so many restaurants in Hyderabad with high-class quality food in all areas. So don’t wait….just go and have it happily. I am sure that you will come out with a fully loaded stomach and with more satisfaction.

Dish Name 2: Smoked Pesto PaneerTikka

Smoked pesto Paneer fusion is a summary of flavours and famous Indian restaurant’s in Hyderabad brings you best with melt-in-the-mouth Smoked pesto Paneertikka and added rich cream. It will perfectly balance the taste and richness of the Paneer. Chefs suggest tasty green chutney, which really sank you without worrying about calories.

Dish Name 3: Mixed Grill Sizzler

Hey! Do you find the smell of a sizzler when it comes out of the kitchen? You will tempt to eat just by watching and smelling even before you taste it. This dish will just serve like at the Kobe Sizzlers which is a plate of several type types of meat. Spicy restaurants in Hyderabad will decor your plate with lamb, prawns, and chicken fries.

Dish Name 4: Peking duck

The unique dish that you undoubtedly cannot miss is the Peking duck. It is specialty available at the Holy Basil. You will absolutely delight taste if duck cooked perfectly along with the crispy skin. Once you taste, you just fell in love with the chef for making an outstanding dish. No need to wait…Have a happy dine today itself at best restaurants in Hyderabad.

Dish Name 5: GonguraMamsam

Hyderabad Restaurants are Icon for its spicy food that is packed with awesome flavours. In such a type of dishes list, GonguraMamsam is also added. GonguraMamsam curry will be cooked with Gongura leaves by adding different aromatic spices. It is a famous dish in South India restaurants. Take this dish with roti or rice and is like no other, you will definitely go back for more.

Our Dinetonite suggests above five most delicious dishes that make your stomach loaded and gives you utmost satisfaction. Common…Discover a great restaurant to dine in Hyderabad and Let us know how the taste would be. Comment your review on comment box to help someone to find the best food in better place.

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