A take on most happening breweries in Hyderabad

Microbreweries are nothing but boutique beers that are bound to offer a limited number of specialty beers to its customers in contrary to normal beer houses that cater surplus barrels of our favourite brew. Though Hyderabad is new to this Microbrewery culture, this has become prevalent now-a-days. So have a look at where these microbreweries are placed in Hyderabad and how unique each brewery is.

Hylife Brewing Company

Let’s us get started with Hylife Brewing Company which introduced the long nights weighing Hyderabad city the flavor of microbrewery. They serve the best array of brews that are made in-house with the ingredients packed from Germany.

Where? Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills

MOB – Belgium Beer House

To get those exotic beers landed from Belgium that you can’t get to taste anywhere else in the country, reach to MOB – a premium beer house.

Where? Film Nagar

Prost Brewpub Hyderabad

Prost is an imperial and chic brewery spot to up your mood and to enhance some zing in your life. Prost has also installed world’s leading edge sound system to let you keep grooving for their music.

Where? Road Number 45, Jubilee Hills

Pier 33

Chilled beers, imported whiskeys and tempting tequilas are what this house of beer Pier 33 is bound to offer for the Hyderabad client base. Get hooked to it to lock some fun time with your friends BTW don’t miss on their special wheat beer

Where? Road 46, Jubilee Hills

Zero 40 Brewing

A luxury brewery in the twin cities, Zero 40 Brewing invites the beer fanatics for one of a kind beer experience with their magically made 6 special beers.

Where? Road Number 10, Jubilee Hills

Over The Moon

Stands to its name, Over The Moon gives you a feel of reaching the moon with their take on refreshing beers, meticulously made craft beers and special ciders. Also, stay tuned for their rack of exotic juicers and liqueurs.

Where? Road No. 37, Jubilee Hills

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