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Q: Does Dinetonite have startup fees or other costs associated with joining their affiliate program?
A: No, It is free to sign up, and Dinetonite will provide a free widget and API for you to add to your site. We are always looking for good partners who are able to help us grow, and we will pay you well for your efforts.
Q: How is my affiliate account managed?
A: Dinetonite provides powerful affiliate sales and tracking software that electronically tracks your sales 24/7. You provide login name and password to access you account data. Your account has the reports, traffic, and your earnings information.
Q: Do I need any special qualifications to be an affiliate?
A: No. However, we reserve the right to deny a potential affiliate that exhibits sexually explicit material, graphic violence, violates international property laws, conducts illegal activities and willfully discriminates. Please email info@dinetonite.in and one of our representatives will get back to you.