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Nalabhimas Restaurant

NBH Hotels, Plot No. 71, Road No. 1, Next to TV5 Office
Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
Location: Jubilee Hills
Land mark: Opp. Chiranjeevi Blood Bank
Tel: 040-23333111

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menu Take-out
Contact No: 040-23333111
menu Home Delivery
Up to: 3 KM
Min. order - Rs.300/-
Contact No: 040-23333111
menu Catering
Contact No: 040-23333111
Cuisine Cuisine
menu Bar
Vallet Accepted Cards
Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card

About Restaurant

Of all the domestic arts, none can stand comparison with the art of the palate. So celebrated was it, that in the cultural life of Ancient India, cooking was accorded the status of a fine art. As an absolute essential for the vitality of life, food was regarded as 'Annam Parabrahmam' – Food is Divine.

 Two characters in Indian epics are hailed for their culinary skills. King Bhima, the second of the Pandavas and the great emperor Nala. Bhima, in his disguise as Vallabha, the royal cook in the court of King Virata, is believed to have rustled up many original gastronomical delights including the mother of all Indian stews, 'Aviyal'. Nala had the extraordinary ability of cooking without fire. He wrote a treatise on cooking called 'Pakadarpanam'. The phrases 'Nalapakam', Bhimapakam and 'NalaBhimapakam' are even today used in appreciation of delicious dishes prepared by good cooks.

 At NalaBhimas' we take our cues from these legendary master chefs, and from the rich traditions of the imperial kitchens of India. Our menu is as varied and wide as their repertoires are believed to be, the recipes as original and flavours as nuanced. The most striking feature of our food is that we follow ancient Ayurvedic principles of cooking that help us retain all the nutrients besides tantalizing your taste buds.


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