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Merchant Benefits
Benefits for Restaurants

  1. Increased Business - convert empty tables into profits.
  2. No Brand Dilution - by not having to show a coupon or voucher, restaurant can provide savings without diluting their brand and upsetting full paying guests.
  3. High Profitability - even after providing significant savings to our members, combined with your food costs, we can assure our restaurant partners an extraordinary profit margin on every new guest we send to them.
  4. New customers - without incurring expensive marketing or advertising costs to accomplish this goal.
  5. Larger Average Check Size - greater total savings makes for larger groups of guests patronizing your restaurant.
  6. Customizability- restaurant chooses hours, days (When), amount of savings (How much), and number of guests per day (How many)
  7. No costs, commissions or monthly maintenance fees
  8. Increased Staff Morale - by providing steady flow of guests during the day, including off-peak hours, employee interest and focus is constant throughout shift, no peaks and valleys.
  9. Get Reservations Anytime - Dinetonite allows to receive reservations outside of your standard opening hours
  10. Promotional Campaigns - Dinetonite reservation system allows you to run efficiently and directly targeted promotional campaigns to 'interested' customers via email and SMS.